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FTP access to MagicAngel's servers

FTP access is now restricted on PCI-DSS compliant servers. In order to use FTP you must use a secure connection.

Please note, our server have SSLv3 (after POODLE) and TSLv1 (after PCI-DSS 3.1) disabled for all communcation. This means that many common FTP programs simply will not work on our servers.

We know that the following FTP programs work:

  • Dreamweaver CC (not prior version 6)
  • PHPed
  • Filezilla (most current version or newer)
  • GoodSync
  • WinSCP

Programs that do not currently work:

  • Smart FTP (both AUTH TLS and FTP over SSH)
  • Dreamweaver 6 (both AUTH TLS and FTP over SSH)
  • IPSwitch WSFTP(both AUTH TLS and FTP over SSH)
  • CoreFTP(both AUTH TLS and FTP over SSH)

Connection types allowed:

  • FTP with AUTH TLS (Explicit Encryption)
  • SFTP (Secure FTP) FTP over SSH




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