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FTP access to MagicAngel's servers

FTP access is now restricted on PCI-DSS compliant servers. In order to use FTP you must use a secure connection.

Please note, our server have SSLv3 (after POODLE) and TSLv1 (after PCI-DSS 3.1) disabled for all communcation. This means that many common FTP programs simply will not work on our servers.

We know that the following FTP programs work:

  • Dreamweaver CC (not prior version 6)
  • PHPed
  • Filezilla (most current version or newer)
  • GoodSync (both AUTH TLS and FTP over SSH)

Programs that do not currently work:

  • Smart FTP (both AUTH TLS and FTP over SSH)
  • Dreamweaver 6 (both AUTH TLS and FTP over SSH)

Connection types allowed:

  • FTP with AUTH TLS (Explicit Encryption)
  • SFTP (Secure FTP) FTP over SSH

WS FTP Advanced Tab for AUTH SSL:

Dreamweaver CC FTP with AUTH TLS:

TLS connection


CoreFTP using SFTP (FTP over SSH)

Select Advanced and select SSH. Enter your private key.

Press OK. Then press Connect.

Your server finger print will be updated, the first time you login you will see this message. Press Yes.




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