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We offer exceptional hosting and can help you make your website the fastest it can be. Take your challenge and see how your current host is doing! — Challenge

FAST Web Hosting:

  • Cloulinux
  • Speed - LiteSpeed Web Server
  • OPCache for PHP
  • Imunify360 Scanning Daily
  • Spam Protection with Mailscanner
  • On-the-fly-compression - your website is compressed on-the-fly for faster downloads without modifying your website
  • Leveraged Browser Caching
  • PHP 5.6 - 8.1 - on all servers User Selectable
  • Keep-Alive Enabled
  • Very Short Wait Time (fractions of a second to start your website download)
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Quick customer service response
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • CloudFlare Friendly
  • Virtually no email server blacklisting
  • Protected by CageFS
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Shell Access
  • Softaculous Instant Installs, backups, staging

Email limited to 15GB per hosting account. Additional space available.

These features are not available on most hosting accounts at their base price.

  • Check your mail from any computer with Roundcube
  • E-mail Spam and virus detection and elimination
  • Fast and Responsive Support
  • Fast website speed, guaranteed
  • cPanel Access for clients
  • Servers located in data centers in North Carolina

Cloud Hosting:

  • Best Possible Reliability
  • Hooks to your Outlook Email, set up included
  • On-the-fly-compression - your website is compressed on-the-fly for faster downloads without modifying your website
  • Scalable, Reliable, And Secure Global Computing Infrastructure
  • Virtual Environment That Lets You Load The Software And Services Your Application Requires
  • Quick customer service response
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
Cloud accounts are the most appealing to small websites that do not require email and have a smaller number of visitors or large sites that need load balancing and are able to afford a much larger variable fee for usage.

Cloud Accounts Do Not Have The Following:

  • Email Accounts Included
  • Automated Backups/Restores
  • Advanced Fire
  • Maulware Scanning
  • FTP Access
  • Cutting Edge Security Measures
  • Control Panel
  • Additional Features
  • Ecommerce Or SSL Certificates
  • Limits On Usage, Busy Sites May See Overage Fees
  • Easy Route to PCI Compliance
  • May Have, Additional Store Increases Fees FAST Web Hosting isn't a web designer who resells hosting. We run a hosting company that hosts for other web designers as well as's customer sites. We are responsible for everything that isn't physical hardware. Our hardware is located at Softlayer, who runs the data center and infrastructure. This gives us a huge advantage over other web design companies who resell hosting from large hosting companies. We are our own customer. Our resellers and our direct customers can call us directly and get their issues resolved quickly.

Spam: Our Spam scanning services are second to none.  We reduce your Spam, so you don’t have to worry about it.  You'll have to do your part, but we will do ours. We use Spam Assassin with our custom rule set to prevent spam and eliminate false positives. We actively scan our servers for outgoing spam and act immediately when it is found to prevent email server blacklisting.

Security: Our web servers use the latest methods to increase the security of your web site to ward off hackers who can damage your web site, reputations and harm your business. Technically, we use mod_security with the GotRoot rules as well as cPHulk and CSF firewalls to prevent hackers, dictionary attacks, port scans and other techniques that might be used to exploit your website.

PCI DSS & HIPAA Compliance: We are PCI DSS and HIPAA compliant in our design work and in our hosting. This is no small feat. It takes hours each month to maintain compliance. We can help you with your compliance scans.

Speed: Don’t be fool by price and available space. You pay $100+ a month for a cell phone, yet you think your business can survive on $5.00 a month hosting? Stop kidding yourself, you are listening to the hosting hype and not reading between the lines.  Space is only a factor if you actually need it.  Most large web sites are less than 100mb in size.  300gb of bandwidth is nice, but useless if you only need 100mb.  Your site will exceed your available resources long before you exceed 4GB of bandwidth. Speed and reliability are the two factors that make the difference between quality hosting and inexpensive hosting.

CND (Content Delivery Network) Need more speed? A CDN can deliver cached content from your site to users around the globe quickly using a CDN with multiple nodes.

On-the-fly GZip compression for websites. Download speed is king... GZip makes that possible by compressing your website on-the-fly up to 60%! Cloud Hosting also offers Amazon AWS hosting for customers who are price conscious or who need the additional capabilities of Cloud Based hosting and don't need the additional speed and security measures offered by out FAST web hosting.

Amazon AWS offers the flexibility that many customers need and a reduced price.

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