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Server Change to Masec2 Instruction

Update for server move September 2022

Change your IMAP server to from or

Help video for PC: Youtube
Help video for iPhone: Youtube

Email Setup MASEC

Outlook/Thunderbird Settings for users

Type: IMAP (also valid for POP3)
Incoming mail server (IMAP):
Outgoing Server (SMTP):

Login Name:
Your FULL email address i.e.

More Setting General Tab

Check: My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication
Encryption: TLS or STARTTLS

Iphone 6s setup

Please follow the setup instructions listed above for those items which are blocked out.

Page 2:

Your email has been provided to you. Your password has been provided to you, if not, please contact your email coordinator and determine the correct settings.


Replace the red items with the correct settings.

Page 3:

Type: IMAP, Your name is your name, your email is your email. Your host name is listed above.

REMEMBER your host name is listed above, these are examples, and we have hidden the actual name because yours will be different.


Page 4: Hit Save


Trouble Shooting Outlooks

NOTE: On October 19th, 2014,'s servers switched off PLAIN TEXT authentication. This change was required to remain PCI compliant. Emails that receive the above errors are not setup correctly to use TLS, SSL or STARTTLS encryption for their emails. This is now a requirement to use our system.

Correct Settings

Outlook Example (See Thunderbird)

More Settings (Outgoing Server):

More Settings (Advanced):

Thunderbird Setup

Fill out Your Name, Email address and your email Password. Leave "remember password" checked. Press Continue.

Press "Manual Setup"

Change the YELLOW areas:
Server Name: Change to what is listed in the information above.
Check for new messages every 1 minute
Check Clean up and Empty Trash on Exit will limit the mail you store online. These are suggested settings.
Additionally, you may change STARTTLS to TLS/SSL

Scroll to the bottom of the left hand column and select "Outgoing Server (SMTP)"
Select your new account and press EDIT.

Change Server Name: to

You should be finished. Hit OK and OK. You will be prompted once or so for your password and then you should be ready to read and send mail.

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